An introduction: 


C W Langton is a development and construction company and is capable of building 25 properties a year.

C W Langton is a long time investor in property with an extensive residential portfolio in Leeds, England, Langton Holdings Ltd and C W Langton hold in excess of £15,000,000 in assets around Leeds and Masham. 


In the period 2008 - 2015 this grew to include a number of different arms of the business. The Langton Group of Companies has the following elements:


C W Langton Ltd. This is the development company that undertakes the purchase of sites, design and planning of schemes of development and contracts the construction of these projects. C W Langton Ltd has funds available for immediate purchase of sites for residential development up to £2,000,000 in value. It is currently working on 8 houses on Broad Lane Leeds as well several other still confidential purchases and planning applications. 


Langton Holdings Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of C W Langton Ltd. On completion of full schemes of developments the site is passed to Langton Holdings Ltd to manage and rent out. Langton Holdings Ltd is also a buyer of completed blocks of houses and flats. Any residential asset with good rental yield up to £2,000,000 in value will be considered. The company has a rent role close to £1,000,0000 with holiday lettings and residential rentals. 


Personal Portfolio. C W Langton still retains a personal portfolio of around 50 properties.


The joint aim of the organisation in its entirety is to work to develop brown field sites for high quality rental accommodation both for long term rental and holiday lettings. 


"Did we tell you how pleased we all are that you saved the house"

Marrion - Sandfield Avenue Leeds 6


“Thank you for making my house move so much less stressful and difficult. You have been so understanding as a landlord”

Kate - Elton Lodge Leeds 7 


“It was a pleasure to work with you (again). I look forward to our next project”

Andrew - Hutchinson Demolition


Cheers Will, thanks for the work (and prompt payment!), enjoyed it. 

Darren - Tiler 


Thank you for all the great instructions in 2015, your properties always stand out and are a pleasure to let. Looking forward to 2016.  

Ross - Right Let Leeds 

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